Data is growing rapidly and becoming more fragmented across many clouds and virtual environments. Unified data protection is the only way your IT organization can deliver required Service Levels while limiting cost and risk, regardless of whether data resides on-premises or in the cloud.

InfoScale Availability

It helps keep organizations’ information available and critical business services up and running with a robust software-defined approach. Organizations can innovate and gain cost benefits of physical and virtual across commodity server deployments. Maximum IT service continuity is ensured at all times, moving resiliency from the infrastructure layer to the application layer.

Resiliency Platform

It helps you be the preferred business resiliency advisor for your customers. Meeting uptime Service Level Objectives across private, public and hybrid clouds with multiple point products can be complicated and costly. You can help ensure your customers have a proactive resiliency strategy for applications across constantly evolving and heterogeneous environments.

Risk Advisor

It automatically detects and reports on risks (of data loss and application downtime) and sub-optimality in the IT infrastructure. It agentlessly scans systems across data centers and draws on a database of nearly 6,000 issues to help raise system availability & data protection, and supports optimization of the infrastructure for aspects such as performance and resource utilization.


NetBackup delivers industry leading 3x faster dedupe to the cloud with NetBackup CloudCatalyst, NetBackup Parallel Streaming which provides agentless, on-demand modern workload protection optimized for cloud-scale Big Data, Hyperconverged, and Open Source applications.

Backup Exec

Backup Exec delivers powerful, flexible, and trusted data protection designed for your entire infrastructure regardless of platform: virtual, physical or cloud. It provides protection against external threat, respond to growing demands and is less expensive to run.

System Recovery

System Recovery is a simple, cost-effective backup and recovery solution that helps minimize downtime and avoid disaster by easily recovering individual data files/folders or complete Windows and Linux systems in minutes – not hours or days – even to different hardware, virtual environments, or remote locations.


Velocity accelerates and streamlines data access by providing rapid, self-service access to the right data at the right time without the burden of creating, storing and maintaining physical copies or relying on resource dependencies.