systems re-engineering


Investment in Technology is pricy and its implementation is a time consuming activity. Once users are savvy on any technology platform, it becomes difficult to transfer to another technology platform. Systems Re-engineering presents solution to the problem.


Soft Tech Group modernizes your software platforms, taking your existing requirements, and converting them into cutting edge, dynamic business solutions, utilizing latest technological conversion trends and methodologies.



  • Requirement Definition
  • Tool Selection
  • Inventory
  • Project Plan
  • Conversion Criteria
  • Change Management Plan
  • Code & Data Test Bed
  • Risk Mitigation Plan


  • Impact to Code
  • Packaging/Segmentation
  • Impact to Interfaces
  • Strategy
  • Data Migration Strategy
  • Pilot Conversion
  • Business Disruption Issues
  • Code & Data Test Bed
  • Pilot Conversion Review


  • Auto Conversion
  • Unit Testing
  • Code Review & Residual
  • Regression Testing
  • Change
  • Integrated Testing
  • Test Plan
  • Data Migration Package
  • Test Scripts


  • Acceptance Test
  • Delta Retrofit
  • Cut-over & Data Migration