Soft Tech Group’s health tech consultants specialize in extracting and mapping data from your legacy system, keeping workflows and functionality intact. Soft Tech can handle almost all conversions.

Our Tech Consultants carry vast experience in Data Mapping. Soft Tech Group specializes in mapping one set of data onto another, such as transitioning from ICD-9 to ICD-10 or reforming data for exchange.

Our technical services involve the exchange of data between health information systems. Our Tech consultants follow standards including HL7, IHE, DICOM, ASCX12 and others. It ensures smooth administrative and clinical data exchange between EHRs and devices, as well as external systems.

  • Cross-referencing & Mapping of data
  • Conversion / Transfer data into the required specifications for migration
  • Migration / Load of data
  • Data Validation
  • Testing & Balancing

Customers often need to leverage their legacy data across newer technologies, through data visualization or analytics but lack the expertise to handle this on their own. Soft Tech Group will partner with your team to develop comprehensive data extraction and conversion methodology, so you are able to leverage this asset for different purposes whether that be for an archive solution or eventual upload into the new technology platform.

Soft Tech Group provides the expertise needed to assist your organization in sharing data to and from the EHR. Our Tech team ensures data integrity during mapping by following The American Health Information Association (AHIMA's) 'Best Practices on Data Mapping'. We document how the data map was developed, the map's developed use cases, the applications that use the map and an explanation of how mapping rules are created and deployed in the analytics workflow. We develop a program to test the validity and reproducibility of the map. This testing program includes the map's development process and any other tools and processes used between the map's development and the end result.

We Create and implement a maintenance program for the map to ensure both source and target code sets have not been changed or updated.

Healthcare Analytics

  • Data Extraction & Normalization
  • Metrics Creation
  • Dashboard Development & Support

Report Writing

  • Traditional Reports
  • Visual Reports – Bringing your reports to life visually

Database Management

  • SQL
  • Data Modeling
  • Security


  • Host EHR & Third-Party Vendors
  • Interface Engines