Enterprise Application Integration is the process of integrating Enterprise Applications using IT enabled systems. Enterprise Applications are crucial to the operations of various modern organisations and hence their integration is even more crucial to streamline all activities and ensure smooth functioning of enterprise level activities. Applications are integrated along a common platform and need to have data integration in the back end for smooth functioning of the integrated applications.

Soft Tech Group knows that data should be easily available across different systems and business processes within an organization. Our EAI services streamline and simplify the business processes across functions and improve information exchange between systems at any level of your enterprise. This way the information accessibility becomes easy, business processes are enhanced, while ensuring that the information flow and quality remains smooth without being compromised.

If you have a legacy application or environment that is challenging to integrate into newer web-based environments, we can help you get rid of the difficulty in migrating applications. Using our EAI skills, we connect your systems so as to cut back on costs, link together front-back offices, integrate e-commerce transactions, and build better customer relations.



Supply Chains

Improving Customer Interactions


Enabling Business Process Development

Improving Transaction Delivery at Reduced Costs

Reducing Complex IT Infrastructure