Data Virtualization


This article is about data virtualization technology and how it helps in transforming disparate data from different sources into useful information.

Data Virtualization technology

Data Virtualization is interior technology that enables modern data management and data integration solutions. It allows an application to retrieve and manipulate the big data without needing the technical information of the data. It creates an abstraction layer that collects data from multiple sources without having to perform the whole ETL (Extract - Transform - Load) process. It integrates all the information by virtually connecting to the different database and publishes them as data services which increase data accessibility and makes the information available for analysis, reporting and decision making. 

What data virtualization tools do for users.      

Data virtualization software takes data from diverse sources bringing critical decision-making data in one virtual place to fuel analytics. Data virtualization tools connect, introspect and govern any type of data source without any data replication. It systemizes the entire data ecosystem and makes the data available on-demand with no need to create another copy of the data. It enables users to access, combine, transform, and deliver the datasets with the breakthrough speed at a low cost. Data virtualization technology gives its users fast access to data throughout the enterprise. 

Core Funtionalities of a Data Virtualization software

  • The abstraction of the technical aspects of stored data, such as location, storage structure, API, access language, and storage technology.
  • Connecting to the different data sources and making them accessible from a common Virtual Data Access.
  • Transforming and improving the quality of data by reformating and aggregating the source data for its user. 
  • Creating a data federation by combining different sets of data from across multiple source systems. 
  • Delivering data sets as views or/and data services when requested by the user. 

Some of the best Data Virtualization Tools





Data virtualization enables its users with a wide range of capabilities for applying multiple analytics tools. It aggregates and structures different data into useful information.  With data virtualization, data is not just up-to-date but it is updated-to-the-minute and easy to find or use. Data Virtualization tools make data available whenever you need it with better data security. 

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