Analyze Design against
industry security policies
& best practices
Penetration Testing using Automated tools for Vulnerability Detection
Implement security
policies by fixing
design & code
application security
Security is all about allowing Authorized Access Only without leaving the gaps and comprising the asset/data. Soft Tech Group always use the industry best practices to address these exploitations and cater these areas with and appropriate code and running pen test . We will mentor the developers embracing the best practices to fix these exploitations. This holds true for your in-house application or third-party vendor or E-Commerce or any critical domain.
E-Commerce security
Run Automated tool
to identify security
vulnerabilities in Code
Mentoring the development
staff for secure development
best practices
developers fixing
the issues

Design and Code Reviews should always correspond to industry best practices aimed to solve a problem. Developers at times due to human negligence adopt the wrong approach or miss the code which turns out to be more expensive than what you might expect. Production bugs are too costly to fix and sometimes cost more than the overall cost of the project.

Our Innovative Approach:

Developers’ Interviews against security design & coding best practices
app security
Manual Detailed Design Review
softtech group
Formal code review
web security
it security
Automated static code analysis tool run
Identify bad practices & bugs patterns
app security
Developers Mentoring by identifying bad practices & fix
hosting security
Helping developers fixing the issues
cloud security

Database Performance Optimization is all about using balanced Index methodology but we understand when indexes can help your queries or slow the operations.

Our Approach

database security
cloud security
security policy
enterprise security
web app security
softtech group
softtech services
new yark app security
new yark web security
usa app security
Database Design
Indexing Policy
Query & Code Review of Critical areas
Multiple session mentoring with developer for the issues identified
Create report based
on identifications

Application performance degrades with passage of time and exponential growth or possibly the bad code. We carefully review the code for each thread separately and advise you on adopting the best deployment strategy.

Our Approach

Application Design Review for caching, transactions & other best practices
Analyze round trips for each request
Analyze time taken by each server trip
Analyze server trips using profilers
Manually identify the code & design problems related to performance
Mentoring sessions with the developers to fix identified problems